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JCI Luxembourg attended the JCI European Conference in Aarhus

A big delegation from Luxembourg attended this years European Conference to promote the Public Speaking and Debatting Academy to be held in October. The JCI Luxembourg debating team participated in the debating competition and won the English competition!

JCI Luxembourg Conference "The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg & the Gulf countries"

As part of its Communication activities about the world Business development, JCI Luxembourg organized the conference “Luxembourg & Gulf Countries - Business Opportunities” on June 3rd 2010 in the BGL BNPParibas Auditorium at Kirchberg. read more...

JCI Luxembourg participated in the Luxembourg ING Night Marathon

JCI Luxembourg was very present at this years marathon as two teams participated!

One of our runners was Lene Pedersen who is the 2010 JCI Luxembourg Secretary General.



JCI CYEA honors responsibility and innovation in business

Every year, JCI honors outstanding young entrepreneurs under 40 who use creative problem solving to start a business or improve an existing business with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in mind.

The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (JCI CYEA) recognizes that the creative problem solving of entrepreneurs drive the economy and have the power to turn community problems into solutions. Now, in 2009, the judging criteria included adherence to the principles of CSR, furthering the entrepreneurs’ positive impact in their communities.


Patrick Decuyper, Belgium

In 2005, Decuyper co-founded Enfinity, a company committed to being part of a sustainable future by developing and investing in renewable energy solutions in 12 countries across the world. In four years, Enfinity has grown to 120 employees and is now the market leader for sustainable energy in Belgium and among the top five across Europe. Enfinity is also one of the world’s leading photovoltaic solar energy development companies.


Stephane Ledermann, Luxembourg

Ledermann, CEO of Smart Air, founded the company in 2007 as the first enterprise worldwide to provide fractional ownership of the Diamond D-JET, the most fuel-efficient private jet on the market. This new way to travel provides cost-saving benefits to the co-owners while ensuring the complete availability of a private jet at any time with a professional pilot and access to 1,835 airports in Europe.


Peter Williams, Australia

Williams founded Preneur Group, the holding company for several subsidiary companies. Infiniti Telecommunications is a leading full-service telecommunications company supplying equipment to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Australia. To work towards CSR initiatives, Infiniti staff nominated their favorite charities and on their behalf, Infiniti donates 4 percent of all Infiniti profits to staff’s favorite charities. Additionally, for a couple of extra dollars, Infiniti clients can choose to offset their phone system emissions


Williams’ other ventures include Discount Mobiles and Simply Headsets, Preneur Marketing, On Hold Advertising, and iApp Syndicate, a leading iPhone app developer and distributer.


And the Winner is…

The judges selected the finalists from among 145 entries from all corners of the globe. The 2009 finalists will present their plans to a panel of judges and delegates at the 2009 JCI CYEA competition final round Tuesday, November 19 at the JCI World Congress in Hammamet, Tunisia.


JCI CYEA is run in partnership with Flanders District of Creativity and is open to all entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40, JCI members and nonmembers alike. JCI Local and National Organizations can choose to run the competition.


Flanders DC is a Flemish governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurial creativity throughout the region to make Flanders a more creative, more prosperous and more ambitious place to live and work.


(This Business for a better World article has been taken from the JCI website)

New Board Elected!

On October 1st JCI Luxembourg held its General Assembly. Among other important decisions a new board has been elected. In 2010 Artur Sosna the 2009 National President will become the new IPP (Immediate Past President). The team elected into office consists of Lene Pedersen as Secretary General and Jean-Christophe Vigneron as Treasurer as well as Vincent Lang (VP Recruitment & Development), Marc Balcke (VP International), Marta Komosa (VP Programm), Frédéric Théate (VP Partnership & Sponsorship) and last but nor least Pedro Castilho who has been elected as National President for 2010.


We wish this great team a perfect year in office!


CYEL finalist among the 3 finalist of CYEA!


JCI Luxembourg is deeply honored to announce that one of this year’s CYEL finalists, Mr. Stéphane Ledermann from SmartAir, is among the three finalists of this year’s International Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2009!


In November during the JCI World Congress in Hammamet, Tunisia the final judging round will take place. JCI Luxembourg will be present in order to support, keep their fingers crossed and express their pride of the young entrepreneurs of Luxembourg.


This is an outstanding event in the history of JCI Luxembourg and we would therefore also like to once again congratulate the CYEL Team 2009 for their work, commitment and great success. Let this motivate the team and others to continue their work in 2010!


On behalf of JCI Luxembourg we would like to express our deepest respect for and to congratulate Mr. Ledermann on his great success.

We wish him all the best and good luck at the final round in Tunisia!



(by Lene Pedersen)


Company Visit - Bofferding On Saturday 29th of August JCI members had the opportunity to visit the Bofferding brewery and learned more about the secret of Luxembourg.


JCI Admin

JCI members from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg met for a JCI Admin training in Schengen. With the trainer team consisting of Nicole van Hooy (Head Trainer, JCI The Netherlands), and the two Assistant Trainers Esther ter Beek (JCI The Netherlands) and Françoise Hontoy (JCI Luxembourg) 18 participants learned more about Leadership within an organization, Corporate Governance and benefited fromt the exchange of their individual experiences amongst each other.




This years summer event certainly was the ABBA Party organized by Lene and her team! Enjoy the report as well as the pictures in the August Newsletter.


JCI Luxembourg June Newsletter. This Newsletter features some very interesting articles, like the one about Clothilde Ludorf, where you have an opportunity to learn more about her vision of entrepreneuship, you'll also read about upcoming projects and see reports and pictures about past events.


May 2009: Within the "CSR Luxembourg 2009" Forum JCI Luxembourg had the opportunity to organize a conference on "Wellbeing in the workplace" and discussed issues like the management of chronic illnesses - how can it be a combined effort of national governments, non-governmental organizations, employees and employers, and society?


April Newsletter: In this newsletter you will find all the news from JCI Luxembourg:

  • details about the upcoming ECM Meeting from May 7th to May 10th (and don't forget to book your participation, the ECM team is working hard to make this a great event - not only for the greater region, but also for all other JCI members from capital cities)
  • ideas allowing you to find potential candidates for the CYEL (Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg) competition organized by JCI Luxembourg. There are a lot of young and creative entrepreneurs in Luxembourg - when meeting them invite them to participate in the CYEL competition which is ongoing until the 30th of April.
  • a report about the JCI Presenter training taking place on the 4th of April
  • information regarding all the other current projects

Click here for the Newsletter


JCI Presenter

JCI members from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg met for a JCI Presenter training in Remerschen, Commune de Schengen. With the trainer team consisting of Michaela Luise Fischer (Head Trainer, JCI Germany), Andreas Richter (Assistant Trainer, JCI Germany) and Françoise Hontoy (Assistant Trainer, JCI Luxembourg) all participants enjoyed a lot of opportunities to present and enhance their presentation skills.



JCI Luxembourg March Newsletter. The JCI Luxembourg communication team is proud to present the JCI Luxembourg newsletter. Have a look at it - it is realy great!!! Click here for the Newsletter



EPM in Portugal

From the 19th of February until the 22nd, National Presidents, their Deputies and board members met in Portugal at the EPM (European Presidents Meeting). As usual, this was a great occasion to meet friends and establish new contacts with other national organisations.
JCI Portugal not only selected a superb location for this event but did also fantastic job to make everyone feel welcomed in Cascais. More details and other pictures can be found on the EPM2009 website. A few pictures are also to be seen in our photogallery.



At the 2008 General Assembly in October the board 2009 has been elected



CYEL 2008 Award Ceremony

On the 4th of July the CYEL team could finaly talk about the winners, Xavier Buck, Emmanuel Vivier and Sylvain Zimmer were the three finalist of the CYEL 2008 competition. The Award Ceremony taking place in the ArcelorMittal Headquarters was a great event no-one wanted to miss! With over 300 registered participants there wasn't a place left and a waiting list had been established. You'll find much more details on the CYEL website as well as a lot of pictures in our photogallery.



From June 19th to 21st, JCI Lorraine (France) is organizing in collaboration with the Wirtschaftjunioren Saarbrücken and JCI Luxembourg the 55th French 2008 Convention in Metz. All JCI Luxembourg members and friends are invited to participate to this event which will gather 600 French, German, Belgian and Luxembourgish Jaycees. The program and more information is available on the convention website: http://www.convention2008-jcef.com.



This event is the best opportunity to meet JCI spirit as well as JCI members coming from neighbouring countries, to open our mind through a large choice of trainings and have a great time during Friday and Saturday night's parties … We are waiting for you!



Fair Trade Breakfast:

JCI Luxembourg organized on the 16th of May 2008 a breakfast "Et si vous vous ét(h)iquetiez équitable ?" in order to promote Fair Trade products and more widely Social Responsibility in companies.

The event took place in the superb cafeteria of the Mudam, with the support of Léa Linster, the Luxembourg chef, who charmed the guests with a delicious breakfast. Thanks also to the support of TransFair-Minka, Cactus, Naturata, COMED, the BCEE, Eurest and the INDR (Institut National pour le Développement durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des entreprises), this event was a great success ! The participants, decision makers in Luxembourg, appreciated not only the food, but also all the information provided by the speakers from Trans-Fair Minka, Naturata, INDR, JCI Luxembourg as well as Léa Linster herself.

CYEL 2008

One big event of the JCI Luxembourg year is preparing itself. An excellent team lead by Pedro Castilho and Vasco Costa is working hard on this project. The search for candidates will take place from march to april. The Award Ceremony will again take place in the ArcelorMittal Headquarters who are again supporting JCI Luxembourg for this event. Don't forgett: CYEL Award Ceremony is on the 4th of July.



World Congress in Antalya

Some of our members had the pleasure to attend the World Congress 2007 in Antalya and represent JCI Luxembourg. This World Congress again was a great opportunity to meet JCI members and friends from all over he world, to learn with them during some of the many trainings available, follow the decisions taken for the worldwide organization during General Assembly. After all this work parties allow to relax and have great fun.



KHT 2007

As in previous years, JCI Europe organized the Know How Transfer with the European Parliament. During this time it was possible to shadow a MEP as much as possible. You'll find the pictures here:



CYEL 2007

the big event in this year. Nominating the best and most creative young entrepreneur was just great!! Have a look at some of the pictures made by ArcelorMittal


this is the first big event in JCI Luxembourg 2007 (pictures see francoformation and here). The Francoformation was a success and attracted JCI members from more then the 6 countries organizing the francoformation one after the other.

This year has been quite intensive, apart from doing a lot of interesting project (the main ones being the francoformation and CYEL: Creaive Young Entrepreneurs Award) , the JCI life has been going on well.

....... Long silence ...



Rencontre des membres de la JCeL dans un contexte Celtic ;-) une fête Bretonne à Luxembourg ~fh


La JCeL souhaite à son Vice-Président Harald-Sven Sontag une fabuleuse Japan Academy. Cette Academie est la plus importante formation proposé à des membres de la Jeune Chambre économique qui se proposent de devenir président de leur organisation Nationale. Une occasion unique ! ~fh


C'est définitif la JCe Luxembourg organisera la 10ème Francoformation en 2007. Le motto de cette francoformation sera la multi-culture regroupera par cela les différentes cultures membres de la francoformation et qui s'y rassemblerons ainsi que les aspects culturels qui seront en 2007 encore plus vivant comme la Luxembourg et la grande région seront capitale européenne de la culture. ~fh